Sunday, May 31, 2009

First Post


This is mainly a test so I can get a better idea of what this template looks like. However, I do have some news regarding my travel plans.

Right now I have my plane tickets to and from S. Korea -- I leave on June 9th, and return July 5th. I believe my travel times for both trips are about 17hours each. Needless to say I am rather happy with that (other itineraries were over 20 hours). I'm getting rather excited for the trip, and am more-or-less prepared. I still have to pick up my visa in NYC (going down Tuesday and Wednesday this week), set up my Netbook (Asus Eee PC), and make sure my loans get to AU before I leave. Pretty manageable, I hope.

As for Japan, I do not hear about my acceptance/denial until the first or second week of June. Not much I can do but trust my Study Abroad adviser that I will get in, and come up with a back-up plan in case it does not go through. I still am thinking a semester or year off is in order if things do not work out, though transferring is not as pretty an option with my double-major. I already have decent progress on both degrees, so I would rather not start over. Oh well, whatever happens happens.

Here is a quick run-down of the next week or so, just so things are easier to read. I may or may not continue this with each post, or make such a list once a week. I will decide as I go.

  • Monday, June 1st: Doctor appointment. Time to see if I am healthy or not.
  • Tuesday, June 2nd: Head to NYC, apply for my visa.
  • Wednesday, June 3rd: Pick up my visa, return home.
  • Thursday, June 4th: Head to RIT, going to relax for a few days before I leave.
  • Saturday, June 6th: Return home, apply for a job at the Track (NYRA) for when I come home, start packing.
Well, as I said this is mainly a test. If anyone reads this I would love some feedback on the style and layout, as well as the content so I know what to put in in the future.


Edit (6/1/2009): I received word from my adviser, I have been accepted into Waseda!