Wednesday, July 15, 2009


So, my apologies for not updating in Korea after a certain point. Internet was too fuzzy, mixed with lack of feedback and diminishing interest on my part made it tough. In any case, I would still like to wrap this all up (a few weeks after the fact...).

I won't go into as much detail as I did in my other posts, but I do want to try to explain all the cool stuff I did. The school had us do this arts and crafts thing, where we all made paper boxes. At one point a friend (JuHyun) took my roomie and I shopping for clothes, I got an awesome sleeveless hoodie in a very flamboyant/asian style. I am very fond of it. We also picked my Korean name (at some point...), 사자 (meaning Lion, in spirit of my Japanese name of ライオン). I took a few more trips to Insadong (for gift purposes), Itaewon, and even Hongdae -- I went to the same club my last weekend there. I also managed to go to the DMZ, which was interesting as they had built an amusement park right in it. I sort of made it to the palaces, but they were closed when I got there. Instead I went to the Palace Museum (which kind of sucked). I managed to go to a Noraebong (Korean Song-Room, essentially Karaoke) which was awesome. There is a video, somewhere, of me singing Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden. I think I will go back to Korea while I'm in Japan, as it was so much fun and there are still somethings I want to do (See outside Seoul, get to the palaces for real, get to Seoul Tower).

Classes also went very well. I have since learned I got an A (History) and A+ (Cooking). We made a lot more fun and tasty stuff, which I have editted into everyday cooking here, and I did learn some things in my History course. Also, both profs took us out on our last day of class. For cooking we went to Pingzu, which is the best thing ever, and for History we went to a famous Chinese Dumpling place in Myongdong -- which was delicious.

Overall I really loved this trip. I met a lot of really cool people (I hope to meet-up with some of them both here in the US, in Korea, and will even go to school with some at Waseda). Following this I will list all of the facebook photo albums I have made. There are about 600 pictures I'd like to put up, but can't, that were given to us by Sookmyung. They had a going away party for us in which they showed (some) of these off. I think pictures of me were most prominent in the slideshow -- I ended up making a joke about it in a speech my classmates made me give. I do not believe there is any record of this speech, except maybe photos (it is for the best).